January 12, 2015

It was nice to have one last day of warmish weather before the deep freeze came! Everyone had a  great time playing outside. Especially with the toys I found for them.

Apollo loves to chase after toys. He gets very excited and bounces everywhere. When he is bored of the toys he then jumps all over me to play. It didn't take him long to figure out when walk time is. The second he sees me with a leash he starts to make some funny noises and gets all fired up! We got some new (used) couches which he absolutely adores. I think it makes him feel quite at home as it isn't long before he curls up on them for a nice nap.

Louis was full of beans today! He chased after every toy I threw for him. He doesn't like to bring them back to be thrown again, but will chase after anything. He had 2 nice long walks today. He was definitely enjoying himself, and the weather because he would get all excited and start to play bow. He is also a big fan of the couches.

Tink and Dolly are the two most happiest girls! They had nice walks today with Turner and then lots of play time with him. Think found a green football which she carried everywhere with her! Turner and Dolly were nice enough not to try to take it. They were to focused on playing with each other. Poor Turner was sad when they went home!


Dolly & Turner playing tug of war. 


Dolly and Turner