In traditional kennels, it’s one size fits all. Dogs pens are a standard size of 4 feet by 4 feet or even smaller – some are just 3 by 3 feet. Many kennels’ accommodation for dogs is basically a cage, with wire mesh lids three feet or less from the floor. Imagine putting your Great Dane or Bernese Mountain Dog in such a space for days or weeks. What do you do if you have two or even three dogs?

Because we know that dogs come in a variety of sizes, at Oak Meadows we have four sizes of space. All of our spaces are roomy and open to our 20 foot ceiling. Our smallest space is 4 by 6 feet, quite spacious for a Spaniel or Terrier, or for two Chihuahuas or Toy Poodles. Our 5 by 6 foot size space accommodates a Lab or German Shepherd very comfortably. Our 6 by 6 foot space is great for two medium size dogs sharing, or a Great Dane, Newfoundland or other giant breed. The largest suite is over 50 square feet, and accommodates two or even three dogs, and their beds, with no crowding.


At Oak Meadows, your dog will have a comfy cot-like bed, two to three inches off the floor. The flat top allows for Rover’s own pillow, bed, blanket or other bedding to go on top. The nylon mesh mattress is comfortable, especially for arthritic hips. And if the water dish spills or Rover has an accident, neither he nor his bedding has to be lying in it

If your dog has a wicker basket or crate, you are free to bring it to be used instead of our beds. However, unless your dog is extremely fond of his crate, it is probably better to leave it at home and just bring his or her bedding to put on top of the bed we supply. The vast majority of dogs are perfectly happy with that arrangement, and your dog will then have more space to move around his or her room.


Many kennels have long runs of cages housing fifty to a hundred dogs all together. The noise can be deafening, and most alarming to dogs who may be nervous about being in a kennel anyway.

At Oak Meadows, we only have 24 spaces for dogs, and the rooms are contained in two wings, so that shyer, quieter dogs can be boarded away from more boisterous or noisy dogs. We do many things to try to ensure quiet reigns in the kennel for most of the day and night. But even when something exciting is happening (like walks or visitors) and everyone gets to barking, the noise is tolerable, because it only comes from, at most, 12 to 15 dogs, not 40 or 50.


We wanted a kennel that didn’t smell like a kennel, or look like a dark cave. So we raised the roof! The dog dormitories have a ‘monitor’ design roof, raised up to 20 feet, with large windows at the top. This allows plenty of natural light at all seasons. The large volume of air in the dog dormitories supplements a hardworking air exchanger to ensure clean, fresh air. And of course, we are heated and air conditioned.


One of Oak Meadows’ most exciting innovations is a large, sunny indoor playroom which is used for supervised play groups, indoor exercise on rainy days or just hanging out on the couch watching television.

The couches belong to the dogs – they can use them as launching pads for games of tag, for hiding a chew bone, or having a snooze.

The television provides a background noise that sounds like home.

Maybe your dog is a bit of a couch potato who doesn’t enjoy rough and tumble games. Or maybe your dog is on the shy, quiet side. Twenty minutes on the couch with a quiet group of dogs, and his head in someone’s lap, can work miracles with stress.


We wanted lots of room for dogs to romp outside. But not all dogs are compatible with all other dogs. Some dogs don’t like their games too rough. They will be intimidated by bigger dogs, or more boisterous dogs. Some dogs like chase games, but other dogs will nip at the heels of a running dog. Some dogs love to play ball, but other dogs may become jealous and aggressive around toys. Some dogs are geriatric, or just recovering from surgery and need to be only with very gentle dogs.

Our solution? Not one big yard, but four! This allows us to match dogs up in groups with compatible partners.

In the summer, we add a big wading pool. It gets emptied every day so the water is fresh and clean. Those who love the water have a ball splashing, running and jumping in and out and even lying down in it for a totally refreshing interlude.

Note: We do not accept dogs for boarding if they are generally aggressive with other dogs and/or humans.


It’s great that your pet will have a generous size space in a clean, airy environment. But if they are left there, hour after hour, day after day, alone, those four walls will start to close in, no matter how big a space they enclose.

Dogs are social creatures. Separation from their ‘pack’, and loneliness, are as difficult for them to endure as they would be for us.

We asked ourselves what we could do to keep ‘our’ dogs feeling happy and secure.

For starters, dogs thrive on routine. If you have ever taken your dog for a walk three days running after finishing your breakfast, and put down your cereal spoon on day four to find him at your elbow, grinning hopefully, you know what we mean.

We also thought about play time and how exercise is a good stress reliever. We thought about how much many dogs like to play with other dogs.

Next, we thought about the dogs we had owned who were okay with other dogs, but mostly wanted to be with their humans. We thought about how much all dogs like to be noticed by their humans. We wanted to be sure we did everything we could to develop a personal bond with every dog who came to us.

This meant we had to be personally involved with every dog consigned to our care. We were determined to operate this facility in a totally hands-on way, relying on staff as little as possible. We wanted to know every dog (and cat) as if it were our own.

And we thought about how most dogs love treats, and how motivated some dogs are by food.



1-7 nights

1 dog..$42.00 total/night

2 dogs..$62.00 total/night

3 dogs..$88.00 total/night

8-14 nights

1 dog..$38.00 total/night

2 dogs..$62.00 total/night

3 dogs..$84.00 total/night

15-21 nights

1 dog..$34.00 total/night

2 dogs..$58.00 total/night

3 dogs..$80.00 total/night

(Prices do not include HST)

We charge by the night. If you pick-up in the morning on the day of departure (8am-9:30am) we do not charge for that day. If you pick-up in the evening on the day of departure (4:30pm-6:30pm) we apply a daycare charge.

Stay tuned for NEW PRICING PACKAGES coming September 1st!


Pickup & Drop Off Hours

7 Days A Week:

(alternate times can be arranged with notice)