Cat Rooms

The cat room is located at the front of the building in a sunny bay – windowed area, away from the dogs’ rooms. It is subdivided into five kitty condos. The largest condos stretch from floor to ceiling, are about four and a half feet across, and come out about two and a half feet from the window. A similar size space is divided in two to form upper and lower medium – sized condos. The two single condos are about a quarter of the size of the large space.

Each condo has a view out the window, for bird watching, keeping track of arrivals and departures, or sneering at the dogs being walked in the rain!

Each condo has a separate area for cat litter as well as perches, shelves and hidey houses. We have found that most cats object to being crated and then driving in a car and want to disappear the instant they are delivered to their vacation home. So each space has a place for the cats to go where they can’t be seen. After an hour or two (or 24 in some cases), they reappear looking quite serene and relaxed.

Most of our condos are large enough to house families of two or three cats quite comfortably.

Cat Fun

Each cat gets out of his or her condo at least twice a day for some patting and playing. Cat beds are placed around the cat room, so they can try out different sleeping places.

And when the dogs are sleeping, the cats take turns having the run of the front of the building, including the indoor playroom with its comfy couches and chairs, and big expanses of tiled floor, perfect for batting your toys around on.

Cat Socializing

We do not expect that the cats, as a rule, will wish to socialize with each other. However, we do find that some cats, especially the younger ones, or those who are here for a lengthy boarding, or who are here frequently, do express an unmistakeable interest in meeting their neighbours. If they look friendly and unstressed, we will (cautiously and under very controlled circumstances!) introduce them to each other and see how it goes. If this works, it is delightful, because they have a great time amusing each other.



1-7 nights

1 cat..$17.00 /night

2 cats..$29.00 /night

3 cats..$40.00 /night

8-14 nights

1 cat..$16.00 /night

2 cats..$27.00 /night

3 cats..$38.00 /night

15-21 nights

1 cat..$15.00 /night

2 cats..$25.00 /night

3 cats..$36.00 /night

(Prices do not include HST)

Please note we offer a 10% off discount to all seniors, veterans and military personal. If this applies to you please let us know!


Pickup & Drop Off Hours

Monday - Friday



Saturday and Sunday