Pricing Packages


Since every dog is different, we have decided to offer one package, with the option of added activity. This way you can pick the amount of activity that will best suit your dog, and his needs during his stay with us! Whether your dog is 'high energy' and needs lots of activity, or is a little less energetic and requires less activity we are confident we can find an option that works for you, and your dog! Each doggie guest will still receive the same care, and attention no matter the package you choose. Discounts are available for longer stays., and multiple dogs from the same family.


New Prices effective March 1st 2019

Starting at $35/night


Our boarding package includes the following:

  • 6 outdoor play groups with friends

  • 2 indoor play groups with friends in our living room style play room

  • Daily pictures on our Facebook page!


  • Add an additional 20 minute (minimum) leashed walk for $10/day

  • Add a peanut butter stuffed kong (great for restless dogs) for $3/night **COMING SOON

We understand that age, medical concerns, breed, etc can determine the level of activity needed, and we will work our best to suit the needs of your dog. Please discuss any activity concerns with our staff members.

If you are boarding your dog, we ask that you bring your own dog food. If you are strictly feeding your dog kennel provided food while boarding, there will be a fee of $5 per day. Please bring in enough food for the whole duration of the stay. 

**We offer a 10% off discount to all seniors, veterans and Military personnel, if this applies to you please let us know!**

Pickup & Drop Off Hours

Monday - Friday



Saturday and Sunday




About Oak Meadows Dog Boarding!

Oak Meadows is a smaller boarding facility on the outskirts of Ottawa. We have a total of 24 kennels that range in 4 different sizes (4x6ft, 5x6ft, 6x6ft, 8.5x6ft) to accommodate dogs of all different sizes. Our larger kennels also have the ability to allow dogs from the same home to be kept together, making the experience much less stressful for the dogs. Our kennels also have high ceilings which give the kennels a very spacious and open feel. Of course we are air conditioned, heated and have an air exchanger running 24/7!

We separate our kennels into two wings (12 down each) so the quieter dogs will not be bugged by the more excited guys!

Our indoor playroom is full of toys, and looks like a doggie living room! Our older guests enjoy the familiar comfort of the couches to nap in the sun, while our younger guests use them as launching pads and playing. Our indoor playroom is great on those super hot days, or really cold days so our guests can still enjoy lots of activity!

During your dog’s stay at Oak Meadows, they will be in their own individual kennel during sleeping arrangements at night and during our breaks between their play groups and walks. We keep everyone pretty busy throughout the day so that when it is time to go into their kennel they are happy for the nap break. We give everyone a two hour nap break in the middle of they day as we find they need a bit of down time in between playing and activities.

Here at Oak Meadows we thrive on dog interaction as well as lots of people interaction. Whether your dog prefers the company of people or dogs, we are more than happy to accommodate. Dogs in our care are put into play groups that best suit their personality. So older dogs aren’t getting bugged by younger more playful guys and the independent explorers aren’t getting bumped into by the rowdy bunch! We also understand that not all dogs enjoy the company of other dogs. If your dog would prefer one on one time in yards as their own play group just let us know, as we want everyone to be comfortable during their stay with us! 

We upload daily Facebook photos to our Facebook page so you can see what your pup was up to while you are away :)

Visiting Oak Meadows

Our staff would be more than happy to set you and your pup(s) up with an appointment to come out and visit Oak Meadows. This is a great way to get the chance to look around, as well as learn more about our routine before you book your pup in to make sure it is the right fit for you both! We unfortunately do not accept drop-in visits as we do them by appointment only. This way we can ensure they do not interfere with our boarding guests regular routine. So please contact us if this interests you, so we can set you up with a date/time that will suit both of our schedules!

Free day of daycare? 

At Oak Meadows we know how stressful it can be leaving your fur family member for the first time. Because of this, we offer all first time boarders a free day of daycare! This way you can get to know the staff who will be caring for your dog while you are away. Your dog can also take this day to get to know us so they can see a familiar face when they come for their first day! It is also a great way to get your dog used to our routine.

**Please note we do not accept visits during your first free day of daycare. Visits must be booked in advance!**